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Whether your current website needs a makeover or a total makeover, an audit is a good place to start. I will help you improve the effectiveness of your website by evaluating several factors, including:

Speed and technology
How quickly do the pages load, even for visitors on dial-up connections?
Design and appearance
How attractive and consistent are the pages? Are the graphics optimized for quality while also loading quickly?
Structure and navigation
Is it easy for your visitors to get to the information they are looking for? Can they move around your site without hitting frustrating dead-ends?
Functionality and content
Does the site get your message across? Is it as useful to your existing customers as it is to prospective clients?
Search engine optimization
Is your site designed to optimize your presence on search engines?

Using over 20 years of web design experience, I will examine every page of your site and prepare a thorough report that will alert you to any potential problems and give you proposed solutions. We will also provide you with ideas and suggestions that we believe will enhance your presence on the Internet. You can take this report and give it to your existing webmaster or hire us to implement the changes for you.

Contact me today to order your website audit.  In most cases, I will complete and email the report to you within two business days of receiving your payment. And, if you purchase a custom website within 60 days of the report, I will credit the $135 audit fee back to you.

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