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After an initial consultation to discuss your goals and get an idea of what you have in mind, I will invite you to select a Quick-Launch Website template. I will use it to set up your site in a temporary staging area where you can view my progress. I'll work with you to customize the template and integrate the details you want to communicate to your site visitors. Throughout the entire process, I'll answer any questions you have and offer input based on my years of experience in building agency websites. And, of course, you get 100% veto power over any of my suggestions. My main goal is to build a website you'll be proud of.

I have created a web design checklist as a helpful tool for gathering information. Whenever possible, you should email the details to me in text or Word documents so I can copy and paste into the pages. This saves a great deal of time over faxes, which require me to retype everything. I can work with images and photos that are emailed in virtually any format. You are also welcomed to send printed brochures and other marketing materials via postal mail so I can match your website design to your existing "brand".

Once the site is finished to your satisfaction, I will publish it to your permanent website address and verify that everything is working properly. In addition to designing the site, I can help you with the registration process for your domain name ( address) and also reserve website hosting space on which to store your site. And, if you want, I will help you set up your new email addresses with this domain name.

Still not sure? Check out my growing list of frequently-asked questions or contact me to discuss your agency's specific needs.

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